We want to carry M+L in our boutique...do you do wholesale?

Thought you'd never ask.
We are currently in four states and growing...we LOVE being in boutiques and are very open and honest about our pricing.

Our wholesale works a little differently then other companies, and it's just because we are so new and don't have the capital of Jerry Jones, even though he is our neighbor. 

1. We are a debt free organization, started with $200 and the rest is a company built on that profit...and we will stay a debt free company - because when we get a book deal one day, we want to be able to say - M+L is a debt free company. #goals #thiswillhappen
2. We don't have the ability to keep our guests obsessed and in love and our internet shop stocked...while hosting 2 pop-up shops a week and holding onto possible wholesale items for our incredible boutiques...SO this is how M+L does wholesale for NOW. 

You love us right?
We love you right?

Okay - so trust us to pick out items for your store...you give us a budget, we send you some of the best pieces of our line and make your guests just as happy as if they were on our website or in one of our pop up shops sipping on champagne and eating donuts.

Reasoning - by the time we send you a "line sheet" with pictures of the items, pricing, etc...you take time to look at it, show your boss, take a sip of wine....We've already sold out of the 3 of the earrings you were planning on purchasing. [yes, our first night we sold out of two sets of earrings, where we had 15 of each...and that was our first night]

Waste of time right?

To fix this, we will have authentic conversations with you, grow our relationships with you, research your city, stalk strangers instagrams in your city and find out what would sell...you give us a budget your comfortable with, and we send you the product, tagged and ready to go!!

What if my boutique isn't happy with what M+L sends?
....hasn't happened yet - but then again, we are 43 days old.
Send it back, and let's get creative.  We are happy to send you photos the second we leave market, but can't make promises about a professional line sheet.

Stephy's brain is creative, fun, and a whirlwind - line sheets do not compute.

Please know we understand this way of wholesale doesn't work for everybody, but this is what is working for me at the moment.  XOXO