Trust me, I live here. Where to Eat, Drink & Shop in Dallas.

If there is one thing I know how to do, it is eat, drink and shop with the best of them. 

[Mom, Dad & Uncle Dan skip this section] I eat out 97% of my meals, I attend three to five social obligations a week [on a light week], and have been known to throw down at Nordstrom.  When it comes to eating, drinking and shopping in Dallas, trust me...I live here.

I am a giant foodie, by that I mean my weight fluctuates a solid 10-12 lbs because you know what, I'm busy and I ain't sacrificing my love for food for anyone or anything.  They do not write songs about little booties, can I get an amen?? 


Favorite New Restaurant: Smoky Rose over by the Dallas Arboretum. Being from Oklahoma, we know BBQ!! Also...being from Oklahoma [apparently] my parents use to give me a rib bone to naw on while I was two years old and teething.  So me I know BBQ.  Smoky Rose has incredible service, mouth watering handcrafted cocktails, and barbecue so pretty and so delicious you will 100% post a photo of it on your social media and be "that girl"..  It is locally designed, owned and operated - the owners are incredible individuals, who have traveled all over and have truly brought you the best "greet to goodbye" experience right to our Dallas, TX.  Please put Smoky Rose on your "Must Experience List" pronto...They are perfect for lunch, brunch and dinner!  Also - perfect anytime spot, the restaurant is incredibly eye pleasing, welcoming, and just a gorgeous space to enjoy your company, your food and your time.

All time go - to, won't ever change restaurant: MiCocina.  It is what it is folks, it's my cheers.  MiCocina in Highland Park Village is my jam.  Weeknights you'll catch me rollin out after brisket quesadillas and mambo taxis, I actually went their in my slippers one time, I was originally going for take out - but the mambo called my name. MiCo is a Dallas staple hands down.  PS [it is pronounced, Me Ko See Na].

Italian - Campisi's off of Mockingbird, the original location.  Former ties to the mafia, and I definitely day dream about being a mob wife.  When I first moved to Dallas in 2010, I didn't know very many people, so my old dog, Lucky, and I would go to Campisi's.  It was November when I moved into my home in the M Streets, so he would hang out in the car, while I ate at the bar on a Friday night, we called it Date night.  Those memories are still some of my favorite memories...Campisi's is family owned and operated, if you get the daughter to wait on you, she will not allow you to order ranch with your pizza [however, they do have ranch...]

Coffee Coffee Coffee -  Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village!!  RBG is a chain out of Austin, TX - so I still feel like it's okay for me to enjoy. I'm obsessed with Royal Blue, the employees know me by name, and it is one of the favorite parts of my day.  During winter they have the coffee "snow day" and it is just delicious.  Also, it is basically a coffee shop and a high end grocery store, they have breakfast and lunch items and are open until about 10 PM.  Another superb coffee spot is White Rock Coffee - I just live in south HP, so am not able to make it over there enough - but it IS SOO good!!!

Sunday Hangover Food - Burger House on Hillcrest.  They know my order by heart, and my heart does not mind one bit. Bubba's is also a killer sunday night meal, southern comfort fried chicken folks!  


Again, Smoky Rose for the win on the actual handcrafted cocktail!  I have, no lie, tried every single one on the menu, and they were all full of heart eye emojis!

Chelsea's Corner - definitely a go to of mine, uber basically opens up to a pick up of chelsea's corner and a drop off to my home.  Totally fine with it.  The owners are two Highland Park/SMU guys who use to work at Chelsea's Corner when they were in college.  Ownership changed, and the name went to Corner Bar which sadly closed in 2015...Corner Bar smelled of my 20 something year old regret and bad decisions.  Len & his friend renovated Corner Bar, but allowed some of my shame and regret to stay in the wood work of the building, but let my 30 something self feel better about going there by completing the most beautiful renovation.  Thank you Len!

Bistro31 - My favorite nights are filled with MiCocina Highland Park and then stumble over to Bistro 31 right next door.  I have had a few parties at Bistro31, and it never disappoints.  Superb Wine List, great DJ, and incredible service.  You never go wrong with their 2nd floor views!


Home Store - Purveyor Home in the Design District is #1, perfect selection with incredible pricing.  The owner of the store is an incredibly talented designer, who uses the back of the Design District Studio space to office her and her hilarious and very talented team.  The front is purely incredible.  My bed is out of this store, my pillows, and my earrings can be found on the showroom as well.  Angeline, the owner, is a rare talent, and a person who I could not think more highly about.

Stationary/Cute Everything - Ellis Hill in Highland Park Village has the CUTEST stationary and gift items. You can basically monogram everything, I bet Margretta and her team could find a way to monogram your pony tail holder if you gave them just one second.  The great thing about this store, is that no matter who you are, you matter to their staff.  They are always in a good mood, very friendly and remember you and your last encounter with them.  They are a really fun team, and everything out of that store makes me drool.


Draper James, Anthropologie, Target, Nordstrom, The Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Jade & Clover!  Between those stores, you cannot go wrong ya'll! 

I really hope this makes your travel or regular life here easier, each company I went into depth about is full of wonderful people.  I feel like good people should make sure they support other good people, so I hope you join me in doing so!  If you ever have any questions about the City of Dallas and all of the fun things there is to do here, please feel free to email me at