Don't go to a water fountain expecting a chocolate shake.

Anyone else ever read a blog, or come across a website and just get disgusted? 


It's like a total train wreck, that you just keep reading??  You know you need to click that "X" and you may even click it...and then you go and re-open the website because you think "There is NO WAY someone is this....shallow??....I have to be reading this wrong..."  So you re-read it, and find out - no, I was accurate, and this person's outlook on life is a train wreck.

I, by no means, mean this against any fashion blogger who writes about their cute outfits, because girl - that's your business and you do you boo - [and wear my earrings].  And my site is not the deepest of the deep...but I just want you to know, that when you meet me, or when you read what I write - I want to take you somewhere deeper in your soul.  I want to interact with you in a way that leaves you better...

I recently got stood up by a guy I had been chatting with for about 6 weeks, right after running into my ex who cussed me out, out of the side of his mouth, while passing by me at my friend's SMU Boulveard tailgate, because no one could see him and he could get away with that moment.  I was talking with one of my best friends about the two experiences and there were a lot of passive aggressive commentaries to be made to both...but I said "I will not be passive aggressive towards them, I will tell them the truth.  I want to leave them better.  I want the next person they date, to benefit from what I experienced."

Well...the stand up 6 weeks guy, I talked it out with him...the ex who cussed me out...he got signed up for health, life and auto insurance quotes.  One outta two aint bad folks, and I am definitely not perfect.  And honestly, I don't regret either of them.  Because sometimes, a conversation doesn't need to be had.  Sometimes, a conversation will only make matters worse.  You cannot go to a water fountain expecting a chocolate shake...well you can, but you will be very disappointed. 

The same goes for encountering human beings.  The ex who thinks it's okay to be horrid, is not going to give me a chocolate shake.  The girl on the blog, who shows no depth, isn't going to give me an ocean of don't go to them expecting so.

This world needs polarity.  How horrible the world can be, is as great as the world can be.  The greatness shines brighter through the dark.  Earnest Hemingway once said, "We are all broken, that's how the light gets in."  Light will get in and shine the brightest with the most darkness.  Be vulnerable in a world full of toddler pride.  Be okay with breaking, because it gives us strength, feel every emotion to it's fullest.  Feel hope, feel excitement, feel contentment, feel heartbreak, feel the reward for your hard work, feel disappointment...just feel.  Push others to be better, to dig deeper and become more, because they are worth someone believing in them. 

When I was reading the blogger's website, my heart was so sad for them.  All I read was a lack of connection to humanity.  There was a strong connection to things - which is what, we as humans do, when we have lost our connection to humans.  Humans are made to live in community, we are made to connect, and in the truest and most authentic form of connection, we are made to make each other better. 

So, you...broken, light shining, no toddler acting human, I challenge you to feel, to connect, and to be the polarity to the broken.