Cheers to S E V E N years Dallas!

August 14, 2010.
Small town Oklahoma girl moves OFFICIALLY to Dallas, Texas.

I went to college about 25 minutes south of Dallas, in a town called...Waxahachie...but it wasn't the same thing as the Big D.

On 8.14.10 I drove a beat up Kia Sportage, with no bumper and a weird sound...four hours south with no looking back.  My clothes were packed in giant garbage bags, and I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle for three months until I found my sweet little duplex on Goodwin Ave. where I brought my Lucky Dog home to live with me Thanksgiving weekend of 2010. I had about $80 to my name when I drove down, and knew I would be okay.  God was with me, He had a bright future for me...and I was fine.

I was full of hope.  I had just accepted a job as the Development Assistant at a Catholic school, making $30,000 a year and thought I was rich.  I had health insurance, two weeks of paid vacation, and worked 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM.  I had weekends off...until I got a part time job, because living in Dallas takes a lot more than $30k/year. [can I get an amen].

25 years young and nothin to lose.

Seven years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life.  When I am asked why I moved to Dallas, I say "I wanted a bigger life"...and boy did I get one. Where I come from, we were raised to be good people.  My hometown is full of good, gracious, amazing people.  They are kind, they will lend you a helping hand, they will support you and be your biggest and best cheerleaders.  I am proud to come from Sand Springs, Oklahoma...I will never not be proud of where I come from and the people who are a part of me.  But Dallas is a lot bigger, and it is what I wanted, and continue to want.

Dallas, you have given me immeasurable adventure, from within the city limits, to anywhere your airport has sent me.  You have breathed life back into me through an uncountable amount of friendships and connections.  You have healed my broken heart, and swallowed my tears of loss from my Lucky dog and so much more.  I am so grateful for the city of Dallas, I am grateful it has granted me such a long and fruitful stay.  When I sit back and look at the person I was when I moved here, to the person I am today...I'm quite proud, and honored. 

I recently started attending Shoreline City church, and I watched a pod cast last night talking about  being future minded.  Oneka McLellan, talked about making decisions with your future self in mind.  2010 Stephy sure as heck did this...but is 2017 Stephy?

I would love to say "absolutely - I started my own business, am putting in all of the hours now, so in 10 years from now, I can ______________."  See, I know my 2017 Stephy has no clue what is ahead for 2027 Stephy. But can I say, I am making the best, and most intentional decisions with my future in mind??  

Probably not...I'm making good decisions - just not the best, and most intentional.

Until today.

Today I challenged myself, and I challenge anyone reading this...let's make the best and most intentional decisions with our futures in mind.  Let's spend time on the things that bring us a fruitful future, on the people who bring us a fruitful future, and our money on things that bring us a fruitful future.  Let's have an investment mindset.

I am so indulgent it's ridiculous. 

I want all the cake, all the margaritas, all the home goods, all the louis vuittons....I want all the everything.

I know this.  This is why I  have asked someone I trust with my entire life, to watch over my business savings account.  She has to sign off for me to use the money in my account, and I have to explain to her, why I actually need it.  I needed accountability. Because I am indulgent and want everything....but I don't need everything.  It is actually not good for me to have full access to all of my money, when I am indulgent...and always on the go.  I need accountability.  I need someone else who has my future in mind.  

What is the portion of your life you need accountability?  What piece do you need to utilize the people God has placed in your life??  We were not created to live life alone, we truly cannot do life alone.  We need Christ, but we also need the people He has placed in our lives to get us to our best selves. I want to look at 2017 Stephy and tell her, "you made one of the best decisions you've ever made by _______________, and 2027 Stephy is so grateful you did!"

 I challenge you to be intentional with your community, and intentional with your finances, your food, and your time.  This is something we will all grow together in.